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New ConnerConnects Blog Establishes A/E Industry Expertise

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By Leslie Benson, Marketing Communications > Recently, American Structurepoint’s President and COO Willis R. Conner has embraced blogging by launching ConnerConnects, a free online blog in which he candidly discusses business, local news, and events of interest to our company and our clients, and issues and trends affecting the A/E industry.

This blog is one more way to grow the company and establish our expertise among colleagues, competitors, clients, and peers. To help the company reach more decision makers in our industry and get in front of more clients, please support this effort by subscribing to the RSS feed, encouraging clients to visit the blog and sign up, and reading the new weekly posts on ConnerConnects.

As the realm of social media has become more important in our lives and careers, good leaders must become adept at new forms of online communication. Blogging, specifically, has evolved into a new and effective way for company executives to showcase their expertise about a topic, product, or industry.

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